Thursday, September 9, 2010

Updates on the rooted Desire

I mentioned yesterday that I was using an HTC Desire. Some quick pointers;

  1. The image I used has the option to underclock and do various other things; don't use them, they caused my phone to be incredibly unstable.
  2. You can install Wavesecure as a system service, allowing you to enable the GPS tracking remotely.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Using an HTC Desire

After mucking around with CM6, I decided to spend some more time with HTC Sense UI.

I like it; it feels polished, gets useful stuff done without getting in the way, and appears to be more stable than CM6. I've been plagued with random reboots while the device is locked and I'm sleeping, and this isn't great for me.

So, I pulled out a HTC Desire, switched on, and ran through the OTA upgrade, only to discover that it cannot be rooted. So, I had to follow this route to downgrade, and then used the unrevoked method to install a custom recovery, Clockworkmod. I then applied a pre-rooted image, from XDA-Developers. This is a good, stable combination which I'd highly recommend!

PS. unrevoked have released a version that can downgrade from the 2.2 upgrade. Much easier.

PPS. The compelling things for me in the HTC mods are

  • Corporate directory integration
  • A much better dialler with T9 lookups
  • Some pretty, useful and pretty useful widgets
  • A better launcher