Monday, January 3, 2011

11" Macbook Air, Dropbox and LogMeIn

I received my 11" Macbook Air from The Core Group, the local Apple distributor in South Africa. The machine does not disappoint.


Exquisitely manufactured from aluminium unibody construction, the machine is

  • ridiculously compact and small
  • beautiful to use and travel with
  • easily powerful enough for what I need it to do

Battery life is better than I'm used to (about 3-5 hours), but not as good as the iPad (which is about a week). Fine for me, but might be troublesome to frequent fliers.


It is, in essence, a Mac netbook, which is precisely what I need. The only thing is that to protect it is rather difficult. Because its so small, conventional covers and the like just don't fit. I ordered a leather case off Amazon, and it arrived within a week! Now that is great service. The case works very well; gets a thumbs up!


A more interesting exercise is the syncing of data using Dropbox, which works flawlessly. Although fairly early in usage, I think the maturity of cloud services, and specifically cloud storage, makes it easy to move from system to system, environment to environment.


I've also signed up for LogMeIn Pro, a solution that allows you to remotely access computers. I had played with the software quite a while ago, and while I was impressed with the concept, thought the solution needed to go some ways before being ready for me to use it. That time has arrived; I went for the Pro option for the ability to transfer files easily. It is quite expensive ($100 for two machines), but I think it'll pay itself off quite quickly.