Monday, May 18, 2009

Hoodman Hoodeye and Amod results

I wanted to go to the Johannesburg Zoo to show my infant son some animals, and to try out some photography gear. To recap, I suspected the Hoodeye was going to be useless, and the Amod would work correctly. I was correct on the Amod, and the Hoodeye, to be honest, I could have lived without. It made discernibly no difference. So, save yourself US$30 and don't bother buying the Hoodeye, and put it toward the Amod.

At US$30, its a great little GPS, and works exactly as advertised. Pity I wasn't in the frame of mind to take amazing photos, but thats another story. Gallery pics are online. The entire family was out together, and that more than made up for the bad photos.

PS. 10 month old babies don't get that excited at the zoo, they just like being outdoors with their parents giving them tons of attention. Good enough for me.