Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't buy a DroboPro or a DroboShare

I posted about the Drobo before. This month, I ordered its bigger brother, the Drobo Pro. Think the standard unit, but with iSCSI and 8 drives - awesome, the hotness!

Except, for two epic fails;

  1. It only allows one host to connect at a time using iSCSI
    • Which begs the question then WTF bother ?

  2. It behaves exactly the same as the Drobo with respect to logical volume size (i.e. 16GB)

These are stupid restrictions. Even more of an epic fail is the companion product, the DroboShare, which also has two epic problems;

  1. It doesn't support the Drobo Pro
    • So you can't network a Drobo Pro

  2. It only allows one username/password to be created, and that user has full write rights
    • Which makes it absolutely pointless as a NAS device

Come on, Drobo, fix these stupid restrictions.