Sunday, July 18, 2010

The iPhone - I feel dirty using it


I've been using a friend's iPhone 3G for almost two weeks now, after having sold my Motorola Milestone. Many thanks to that friend, because I was contemplating getting an iPhone 4. Thank god I borrowed this 3G. Never mind the fact that I'd drop signal all over the place (which means I'd have to take note of how I hold the phone), especially given how superlative my current MNO's cell coverage is (it sucks), but this thing misses some basic things.


  • No widgets on the home screen
  • No ability to with one press set WiFi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, etc
  • No ability to set the phone to vibrate when I'm in a meeting
  • A clunky way to forward SMS'
  • No way to replace the rather rubbish standard SMS app


Nope, not impressed. And yes, I was using iOS4.