Thursday, October 15, 2015

Open-Mesh MR900 & OM5P

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I like Open-Mesh’s equipment, and software update cycles (I have written about them before). The hardware is reasonably priced, the solution set keeps moving forward and for a small (relatively) deployment, the management dashboard is flexible, rich and frankly blows most enterprise solutions out the water with ease of management and access to information.


The OM5P is a 5GHz-only device, which I won’t discuss because its been deprecated by the OM5P-AN. Thanks for releasing this; I managed to buy 3 in the short window when it was available, and it was a poor performer. Not a good purchase at all.


The MR900 on the other hand is a pretty awesome device. 802.11n in 2.4 and 5GHz, in a single device, and fairly priced. Robust, good radio performance, and pretty easy to setup/maintain. It too had been replaced by the MR1750, essentially an ac device in 2.4 and 5GHz. I have a few on back-order, so look forward to testing that.


But, Open-Mesh solves a problem and its cloud controller Cloudtrax solve a pretty simple set of problems;


  1. Relatively cheap AP’s, that work relatively well from a radio/RF perspective
  2. AP’s can be wired or meshed, and require no configuration to configure them in either mode
  3. A web-based management console, that provides sufficient control but simplistically
  4. The ability to run 4 SSID’s, inter-mixing rate limiting, client isolation and ability to not bridge to the LAN solve the networking issues
  5. The ability to run mixed authentication modes, external RADIUS and captive portal, PayPal and Facebook integration and flexible deployment modes
  6. Pre-built rich protocol-level, client-level and SSID-level traffic graphs that require zero configuration


I can highly recommend Open-Mesh.