Thursday, December 9, 2010

Desire HD

I was very happy and comfortable using the HTC Desire, which is an Android phone. It was stable, fast and felt much more integrated and polished than the Nexus One, itself a good device.


Then HTC announced the Desire HD, a bigger version of the Desire. To be honest, if screen size bugged you before, its about the only compelling reason to change to this. Superficial thoughts on it are;


  • it is bigger (maybe uncomfortably too big)
  • the build quality is poorer than its sibling (it scratches ridiculously easily)
  • the battery life is lower because of the larger screen
  • it feels slightly snappier (but not significant enough to warrant changing)
  • has a long way to go - I'm not sure where this is hosted, but connectivity and the site itself needs a major improvement is a portal where users of qualified phones can track their phones (ala MobileMe), lock / wipe them remotely, access their backed up data, etc. Its a great promise, but needs some more polish and thought.


So, overall, happy with it, but as happy as I was with the Desire. Nice, but not different enough to justify a change.


PS. These can also be rooted and its annoying that Google doesn't force manufacturers to do this out the box