Friday, December 10, 2010

iPad (and iDorks / iTards)


So the Apple iPad generated a huge amount of interest and attention. I've managed to play with one for about 3 weeks now, sufficient time to talk about it authoritatively.



  1. Its fast and highly responsive
  2. The screen size is right - a 7" would be too small
  3. Gestures are a more intuitive method to browse / peruse information
  4. The battery life is brilliant - almost a full week, with an hour or three use per day



  1. its fundamentally unusable when not connected to the Internet
  2. Most apps are still not multi-tasking / threaded compatible
  3. It has no camera for video conferencing
  4. The video out is controlled on an app-level
  5. There is no USB interface to get content onto it
  6. You're in this diminishingly exclusive club of posers



if you wanting to use it a a computer replacement, it isn't. If you're using it a tool to augment content consumption, its ideal. Overall, is it worth R7000 ? Nope.