Monday, September 9, 2013

Google Voice

Google Voice Logo

Call aggregation or simultaneous ring are possible if your carrier plays nicely. Most don't; I'm not sure why, but I'm not familiar with too many companies who have this at the core of their value proposition.


Google Voice does offer this; formerly known as GrandCentral, the service allows you to present a single number, which

  • can receive text messages (SMS) and deliver them to all the capable devices and/or e-mail
  • can receive voice calls, and ring multiple devices allowing you to answer the call on the most convenient one
  • switch from one phone to another mid-call, as well as record calls
  • provides a single voicemail service, which can forward the voice message via e-mail and transcribe it to text
In addition, it allows you to make international calls at lower rates, as a pseudo calling card / VoIP service. I've installed it and will start using it actively, if only to mask my true mobile number and allow for a single voicemail across office and desk phones.