Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Amazon Fire TV stick

I've always struggled to find a decent media playing solution while on the move. I think I've cracked the problem, with an Amazon Fire TV stick.

By default, its locked to Amazon's Prime ecosystem of video and pictures. And this ecosystem is fairly decent and I consider it to be good value. But, because it runs Android underneath, and has access to Amazon's App store, you can quite easily and relatively simply dramatically increase its usefulness.

My suggestions on what to install and how to do this ?

  1. Plex (from the Amazon App store) - access your home media library
  2. AirPin (from the Amazon App store) - turn your device into a cheap AirPlay-compatible device
  3. Sideload a bunch of apps - this is the frankly illegal stuff, so you can read up how to do it yourself
    • Terrarium
    • Popcorn Hour
    • MX Player
    • Kodi
      • 1Channel
      • Alluc
      • Exodus
      • Filmon.TV
      • Gobble
      • Navi-X
      • Phoenix
      • Stream all the sources
Once complete, Internet media streaming happiness ensues :-)