Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Apple MacBook 12"

I have had a few Apple notebooks; I've tried using Dell and HP's during the same time period, but I always revert back to the Apple machines. Its more to do with UNIX than with the hardware.

  • I started out with a 15" Apple MacBook Pro in 2006. This was a great machine; stable, beautiful and one click access to the CLI
  • I then changed to a 11" MacBook Air in 2011. A bit small, and underpowered - a mistake
  • A 13" MacBook Air later in 2011 was a good compromise, esp when paired with a 27" iMac. This was the beginning of my current computing paradigm, which is a current daily driver / travel machine paired with a slightly older (and MUCH bigger screen) desktop
  • The 13" MacBook Air was replaced with a Retina 13" Pro and the iMac got upgraded in 2013
I frankly didn't see the need to change from my 2013 Retina 13" Pro, until I started traveling frequently last year. Carrying around the 13" Pro seemed too much, so I bought a 12" MacBook. 

It has massive pro's, and only two con's;

  • Pro - the chiclet keyboard has been derided, but new Apple notebooks are coming with it so better get used to it
  • Pro - the big touchpad is pretty awesome to use
  • Pro - its light and small
  • Pro - the retina display is beautiful
  • Con - single USB-C port
  • Con - performance is spotty and a smidgen too slow
While this has been derided as an iPad with a keyboard, its actually quite useful. But having a single USB-C port is simply damn stupid. So, I'm considering the new 13" Pro's with the touch bar.

Its a significant cash investment, and I'm considering waiting for the upgraded version of it, esp with Kaby Lake processors. Decisions :-(