Monday, June 18, 2018

OnePlus 6

Https blueprint api production s3 amazonaws com uploads card image 777116 72154279 40b3 424b 81a8 b995c1c96fb8I’m a big fan of Android phones. I am currently the proud owner of a Samsung S9 and a Google Pixel XL2. Those have their pro’s and con’s;




  • High-end specifications
  • Good camera
  • Dual SIM (the version I ordered)
  • Fiddly Touchwiz overlay
  • Awkward form-factor (long but not wide)
  • Great screen


Pixel XL2


  • Always first with updates
  • Super fast
  • No bloat ware
  • Pure Google Experience
  • Large form factor (big, nice form factor)
  • Iffy screen
  • No dual-SIM


I’ve heard a lot of buzz about OnePlus, as the flagship-killer quality and build. Having played with the OnePlus 6 now for two weeks, I can honestly say I’ve now found a non-OEM Android phone that I really like.


  • Great build quality
  • Super-fast!
  • Awesome screen
  • I love the mechanical mute / change ringer state slider button
  • Dual-SIM!
  • Pure Android experience
    • Almost anaemic in the lack of apps and software pre-installed on it

So far, loving it! Great device.