Wednesday, December 27, 2017

VAST Networks

I am incredibly proud of the work my company, VAST Networks, has done. As the CTO, I am responsible for

  1. Continuously rearchitecting the network to deliver robust and varied services
  2. Deploying new hotspots
  3. Exploring and finding more efficient, cheaper and/or more scalable ways of deploying new hotspots
  4. Supporting and maintaining the hotspot locations
  5. Developing and keeping current products and overall network health


Our work over 2.5 years has resulted in us winning the Best Wi-Fi Service Provider in the World 2017, and Most Affordable Service Provider in the World 2017 as recognised by Wi-Fi Now. We were also shortlisted for Best Wireless Infrastructure in the World by the WBA, which we lost to Cisco. Not bad company to keep if you’re going to lose.


However, what I am most amazed by is the lack of interest in our local market in our products and/or services, when we seem to be smashing the lights in almost every metric that counts;

  • Page impressions
  • Unique visitors
  • Concurrent visitors
  • Session lengths / durations and repeat custom
  • Network throughput
  • Captive portal load times
  • Redundancy and resiliency of the network
  • Different on-boarding methods


Why is it that South African media and mobile companies haven’t woken up and exploited the network that is already there ? I am also convinced that local media/press only advertise companies or recognise innovation in success from people who advertise with them. Pathetic behaviour and so much for the “impartial tech press”.